Something you should know about........

Did you know that improper setup of your networking can be results of interruption of Internet and also unprotected wireless signal can later become trouble in the future?

In your local neighborhood approx. 70% to 80% of wireless networks are unprotected. This means not only someone can access your broadband but they can also access your personal files!!

When was the last time you heard on news about" Identity Theft"? If your wireless network is unprotected you may be giving out vital information to someone who accesses your computer.

Stealing wireless connection from someone is considered illegal unless your are authorized by the owner of that wireless equipment.

"Digital lifestyle is such a convenient device yet easy for someone to access anytime without you knowing it..."

Above photo is partial wireless network survey in March of this year (Elizabethtown, KY). Survey only include major roads while there is many side roads that we were not able to survey. Based on our statistics, most majority of wireless network is "Open Network".
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